Personal Emergency Preparation LLC.

Our goal is to help families have the necessary vital emergency information immediately available when an emergency occurs.

Our Experience

I am a 25 year Corrections Sergeant. As I was preparing to retire I found that I wanted to help people be ready for emergencies that my family had endured but was not prepared.

Over the past several years I have become a licensed public adjuster and met with many local police departments, fire departments and other first responder's  to identify the emergency information needed immediately when an emergency occurs.

I am interested in consulting with peers and educating anyone interested in being prepared for an emergency.

Why Us?

Our family has experienced a house fire, major medical issues and have friends that have had children go missing.

We understand that emergencies can not always be prevented but they can be prepared for. Having vital emergency information immediately available is essential in emergency preparedness.

It would be our privilege to discuss the benefits of having a complete home inventory or the information that is needed during and emergency.